K.C. eye

Brings to life bold ideas
Can find and create any object
Forms the future

S.E. eye

Creates and draws the unknown
Generates ideas
Sees the future

K.B. eye

Builds a team for your project
Brings beautiful pictures and ideas to life
Builds the future

Our design studio was founded in 2013. For the past 8 years its founding director and ideologist Sergo Evseev, has been involved in multidisciplinary art and interior design.

Every member of our friendly team is developing in different areas. Some are engaged in painting, some in d├ęcor, others create mosaic compositions and paint walls. It is not only an integral
part of our working process, but it is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

We love to give quaint life to simple things, observe them in paradoxical perspective, combine the incompatible and fill the space with distinctive details. We create exceptional, peculiar, non-classical harmony and find hidden meaning and energy of things and define their unique mission and place in space.